| - How2 self host a bitcoin record label / publishing company... courtesy of Umbrel + Agora + + OakNode    
4. SELF HOSTED NODE | Umbrel Raspiblitz
MO | | |

How To Lightning Address:


How to Accept Bitcoin From Anyone On The Planet In Less Than 30 Seconds:

1. Visit & download free bitcoin lightning wallet.

Click “Receive
Click “Lightning Address

                            Post or Share your lightning address and or QR code near cash register, in store window, online…..wherever you choose.

Congratulations in less than 1 minute you created a bitcoin lightning address that lets anyone on the planet send you crypto with any compatible

2. Custom lightning address | Time = less than 5 minutes |

Set up free account
create web wallet name it whatever you want...

go to
select free desired

select lnpay as "Node Backend Type"

while in

click developers & copy/paste in your Public Access Key (pak)

click details on whatever wallet you created, click access keys, & copy/paste in your "wallet invoice" (waki)

Congratulations in less than 5 minutes you created a bitcoin lightning address that lets anyone on the planet send you crypto with any compatible

It cost you nothing but the email address you used to set up your account.

3. Custom | $5-$10 per month Requires Domain Name & Hosting Plan.




qr-la-wos.jpg | | any bitcoin lightning wallet |


qr-la-wos.jpg | | any bitcoin lightning wallet | print qr sticker templates print qr business card templates
one quadrillion four hundred trillion satoshis 200Kish per human ("finite" supply)
how2 topnotch web app video
how2 topnotch breez mobile app video


crypto gift cards now available reloadable nfc card pre loaded with crypto


create mobile wallet - web wallet - desktop wallet - node wallet

Create a web/cloud/internet paywall wallet via
This acts as a 24/7 online crypto wallet anyone in the world can deposit crypto into.

2. Participate
Download a mobile wallet. Wallet Of Satoshi is simple & great if just starting out.

Wallet Of Satoshi can send & receive crypto from your web wallet web wallet can send & receive crypto to your mobile Wallet Of Satoshi

Only an email is required and both platforms are currently free of charge.
They do collect fees for On Chain BitCoin transfers.

Lightning Off Chain transfers / microtransactions / SATs are free to minimal fees typically less than 1%.


--------------------------------------------------------------------------Congratulations you can now send, receive, deposit, withdraw, and pay.... with crypto. It took 5 minutes and required nothing but an email address. Anyone on the planet that accepts crypto lightning payments can pay you directly with little to no fees.

Once you get 1 or more people to pay you for your time, products, services.... a total of 20,000($10ish) - 100,000 SATs($50ish) to your wallet link ( or your:
  Wallet Of Satsohi ----------you can use those funds to fund your fully hosted node or desktop wallet without providing your birthday, address, a photo I.D., a facial scan..... to 3rd parties that tend to treat such data as their own with no regard to securing it.

You now have a cloud/internet/......web wallet & a mobile wallet.

Wallet Of Satohi can also fund a desktop wallet with as little as 20,000 SATs($10)

3. Desktop Wallet Optional


How To Desktop Wallet
Lightning Labs Desktop Lightning App
Minimum $10 to fund and the trinity is complete
Cloud - Mobile - Desktop

You should now be able to transfer crypto into 3 different wallets with little to no fees. One Online, One on your phone, & One on your desktop or notebook computer at home. You have 3 qr codes you can post anywhere & anyone on the planet can send you crypto: It required nothing but an email and if you want a desktop wallet as a back up the risk level was $10. Desktop wallet will not accept lightning payments till funded. If you fund it with $10 the fee will leave around $5 of crypto. You can fund it with any amount you feel comfortable with.

qr-lnpay.jpg (send crypto to web wallet)

qr-wos.jpg (send crypto to mobile wallet)

qr-desktop.jpg (send crypto to desktop wallet)

send crypto to email wallet

More Advanced Desktop Wallet for BitCoin ONLY




More Advanced Go Fully Noded

Umbrel Web GUI Control Panel
Raspiblitz SSH Control Panel

    Costs about $300 in parts, an hour to setup, & 3-10 days depending on internet to sync entire blockchain. Be patient.

    Blockchain is approx 450GB on 10/01/2021. was used to flash Rasblitz July 2022 1.8.0 image to a 32GB microsdcard. Check to see if it's latest version. This page won't be updated often.

By far the part I found hardest while building was funding the raspiblitz, dozens of apps, lots wanting personal documents & even facial scans.
Many would'nt read qr code or accept address to fund.

After some trial & errors Wallet Of Satoshi was able to fund it, read qr on 1st try. Share an email a request from WOS for least 100K Satoshis. Anything less you won't be able to do much with your raspiblitz. Then Follow prompts on raspiblitz menu screen. It will generate QR code that WOS reads, check the fee if acceptable allow 20-30 minutes for on chain payment to be confirmed. Once confirmed you have a fully hosted funded Bitcoin/Lightning node that can open channels & peer with other nodes.

    You can fund Umbrel or Raspiblitz Node with Wallet Of Satoshi
. 100,000 Sats($50) is a low risk amount for testing. 600,000 SATs ($300) is a good amount to also use as a set & forget routing node that will collect fees. (Stacking/Growing your SATs) or (Mining crypto without a miner setup)

1. How To



2. How To Wallet Of Satoshi




3. How To Fund Raspiblitz
Host Your Own Node

Fund & Use As A Routing Node.

Collect fees on every transaction that uses your node.
Crypto Bank In The Closet Podcast 2.0 Apps are V4V (Value For Value) enabled & allow for sending crypto within the app.



Real Time Royalties

Stream Crypto Via the powered with block chain technology.

Do you OWN your Masters, Publishing, Content?


Let fans, supporters, patrons.... donate to artists directly....


1. Buy Domain Costs are hosting & bandwidth

2. Upload your content...


3. Enter cypto wallet # for deposits


4. Earn direct real time royalties for eva eva



*withdraw anytime 24/7 (ascap/bmi 6+ months for payments)

*change wallet anytime

*estate planning - Easy to transfer to heirs

* full controls remove or upload anytime
Crypto For Beginners:

$50-$100 Open Up a Free Separate Checking Account With Debit Card

Get Free Crypto Wallets Web Wallet Custodial Mobile App NON Custodial Mobile App NON Custodial NON Custodial Mobile Wallet & Podcast Player (2000 SAT minimum fee about $1 as of 11/1/21 for microtransactions) WOS mobile wallet fees typically less than 1%
Search "TopNotch" in your Breez App for 5 sample podcast 2.0 feeds ( how2 topnotch breez app video
2400+ Podcast Feeds ( out of 4.3M+ are currently Podcast 2.0 certified ( Mobile App Mobile App Desktop Wallet Simple Mobile Wallet App Wallet lookup Node Data Lightning.Network explorer Live Transactions Host Your Own Node Fully Noded

Get Free Podcast 2.0 Apps Podcast 2.0 Apps Web App

Never connect your other accounts, only use debit card to withdraw CASH(Still KING) from ATMs

Some wallets will ask for photo i.d. and facial scans to buy crypto. Please be careful who you send and share your private info with. I personally can't reccomend any company that asks for private information that's not a regulated insured bank or for microtransactions.

Try to find someone already involved in crypto and pay them a fee for to fund your wallet of choice before handing over personal information that most companies can't secure.

When I come across services that just require a valid credit/debit card, I will update with most efficient onboarding processes when it comes to purchasing crypto.

Currently I've found wallet of satoshi to be least invasive. They do offer a way to purchase crypto direct in the app via moonpay. Moonpay & Strike both ask for a copy of your drivers license & I cannot vouche for either company or their privacy policies. I personally would'nt send them my info what you choose do do with yours is your choice.

Working on a way to fund wallets with credit card only option but until then the choices are limited.

Risk level $50-$100

Stream Crypto Royalties For Beginners:
Create $3 per month $36 per year group chat tribe. Add RSS feed to Create podcast 2.0 compliant RSS feed for your .mp3s Fans can now pay crypto directly to you. | mailbox money emailbox money mailbox$ emailbox$ Real Time Royalties Stream Crypto Via the powered by block chain technology. | OWN your masters. | attach a crypto wallet to your .mp3 .mp4 EAT the middlemen and let fans stream crypto directly to you in real time, watch your satoshis grow from pennies into twenties... art




Crypto is like cash, If you lose, burn, or leave your cash out it's gone forever. If you lose, forget, or share your password or 12-24 seed words... your crypto is gone forever.

A satoshi(SAT) is to a bitcoin like a penny is to a dollar bill. 1 SAT is a fraction of a bitcoin.

Not your keys not your coins!

A custodial wallet means a 3rd party stores your keys for you, so you DON'T control your crypto.

A NON Custodial wallet gives you FULL control over your crypto.

Raspiblitz is a Non Custodial wallet.
It syncs the entire blockchain & you can host your own crypto bank giving you full control of your crypto.

A Simple custodial wallet   Mobile Device
A Simple custodial wallet  Web Wallet

If you want to run your own node Build Your Own for $300 Or Buy One For $777.77

You can use the Pre Configured TopNotchWallet which uses the to send any podcast 2.0 enabled feed & support content creators directly. You can also set up your own web wallet via

Once your wallet is funded, you can stream, boost, tip, support, donate, pay.... any human, retailer, business, content creator on the planet that accepts crypto.

For a limited time only the 1st 100 users who set up a TopNotchWallet & visit will automagically get $1.00 worth of SATs deposited into their wallet.

You can withdraw it to any lightning wallet you choose or use it to test & support how everything works.

Use at your own risk.

----add to faq
The Goal is to set up an almost no fee self sustaining network.
No splits, no 20-30% fees. a 4% fee is automatically deducted if using pre configured TopNotchWallet to cover app development & hosting.

If running your own instance, there are a many ways this can be configured.
For Example if you were a band or group, each member could get a pre-defined split.
Someone pays your feed $100, drummer gets $20, guitarist gets $20, lead singer gets $20, producer gets $20, Manager gets $10, $5 goes to artist who designed cover, app develepor gets $1, $4 goes to hosting.... example of a band using v4v crypto splits (Value4Value)

It's your content you decide. The blockchain verifies all accounting & handles everything in the background using crypto(math).
You cannot be deplatformed or censored. No one can surpress your content.
Your account can't be frozen, you can't be denied an account because of your ethnicity or beliefs.

Numbers lie all the time.
Proven math does'nt lie. Crypto is proven math. It cannot be defeated or regulated. It is the only truth.

Predefined Values:

฿ = Bitcoin | 1 Bitcoin approx $50,000 9/3/2021 Subject To Change---
= 0.00000001 ฿
= 0.00000010 ฿
= 0.00000100 ฿  
= 0.00001000 ฿ .50 cents
= 0.00010000 ฿ $5.00
= 0.00100000 ฿ $50.00
= 0.01000000 ฿ $500.00
= 0.10000000 ฿ $5000.00
= 1.00000000 ฿ 100 Million Sats = 1 Bitcoin

Best Practices
Very Complicted To Track/Stalk

CASH still & always KING.

Pre-Paid Credit Cards
   $4-5 Fee, sorry won't increase in value, but they are accepted 24/7 at most retailers, you can pay almost all bills with them, private, secure, burner bank account but not a bank, can't be frozen, no business hours, no insulting chat bots, no insulting phone "support", no fraudulent upselling websites.... diversify...

 eGift codes
     easily emailed, Amazon, Walmart....

mobile reload card info T Mobile, Verizon, A T & T....



They are stalking/tracking you & it's really easy:


Credit Card

PayPal / Similar Apps

Debit Card


   The Blockchain is a public ledger, every transaction is stored.
Crypto becomes way more valuable if & when gas station pumps, Amazon, Walmart, large grocery, fast food, retail chain, major hotels, airlines accept them....

Until then it's how thee wealthy hoard launder & bury money without worrying about rot, a walmart being built on top off it, or having to travel to dig it up. It's also a great hedge on the devaluing cash they also control calling it "quantitative easing" (printing money for corporate welfare). 80+% of bitcoin wallets don't have any activity meaning most are just hoarding.

They can flee anywhere on the planet & as long as they remember their 24 word seed code, wrote it down somewhere, took a picture, stored online, hid on a flash drive/micro sd card.... they can access it.


After accounting for lost and or forgotten bitcoins there will only be about 14 million bitcoins out of the 21 million mined.

Those 14 million bitcoins can be divided to the hundredth million

That's a whole lotta satoshis.

14 Million bitcoins X 100 Million Satoshis =

1,400,000,000,000,000 Total Satoshis, that reads.....

one quadrillion four hundred trillion satoshis 200Kish per human, or....

140,000 Satoshis per person if there were 10 billion people, which eventually there may be on the planet.This is the "finite" supply.

The "last" bitcoin will be mined in the year 2140 or about 100 years from now.

By the year 2036, 99% of all bitcoins will already be in circulation. In 2048, 99.9% of all bitcoins will already be in circulation. This leaves us with over 90 years left until all bitcoins will be mined.This means that only .1% of bitcoin’s total supply will be mined in this span of time (100 years) I think there will only be 14M when all said & done so all the bitcoins have already been mined since there's currently around 18M already mined, and the "finite" supply is about 200,000 Satoshis per human rounding up.

BitCoin Block Chain size grows 50-100GB per year
450GB -2021

250GB -2019

150GB - 2017

50GB -2015

14GB -2013


Each Bitcoin could act like its own bank account.

I'd expect most HODL or hold on to their bitcoins.

It doesnt make much sense to spend them.

I'm only speculating these are my personal opinions, I'm not inside any billionaires circles. They "control" it now & can manipulate it as the please. Pump & Dump it at will. Some even let you know beforehand though.

So invest & spend crypto at you're own risk.

It will be extremely interesting to see how crypto reacts when the market suffers its next real crash.
The stock market still (10/2021) currently being bailed out / propped up by the feds 120 BILLION per month of bond purchases & 9 Trillion since March 2021
Ever wonder how many meals, vacant lots, & basic railroad container homes 9+ Trillion buys? Let them eat cake I suppose.



Extremely valuable in developing countries or countries with volitile currency or economic instabilty...


Micro transactions, no or small fee self sustaining decentralized networks backed by cryptography....


Could go to ZERO could go to 500K, millionaires & billionaires are manipulating it now.


They think they can regulate it, but they really can't : )
It's only as valuable as the communities that use it.

Complicated yet simple way to Barter.


Most ICOs are scams Most NFTs are money laundering....

Trust But Verify = crypto
Trust No One = humans

It's called the boob tube for a reason & most people on it have no clue what they're saying or they're being paid to say it.


Create & Control your own crypto economy.

You can buy a bank many are listed online for sale starting at least 1M - hundreds of millions.
You can buy some land, build a bank starting at least 1M might take a year or few.

10 raspiblitz nodes will cost ya about $3000 & $1000 per month to operate.

50 raspiblitz nodes will cost ya about $15,000 & $50,000 per month to operate.
$100 per city per month for internet.
Offer Friends, Relatives....$50 per month to plug into their router.


Host a few at home, at a family members, friends, acquaintance, affiliate, neighbor, ex spouse, local business, any human on the planet....Host one in each state #50niggaz

Congratulations you own a chain of crypto banks with redundancy. Ride the

Parts needed to build & host your own node.

The cheapest way is to buy and assemble the single parts yourself. There are two packages.

Please try to use the exact hardware models that are recommended in the shopping lists. We have had multiple reports where, for example, other SSD or SSD cases/controllers lead to problems. The idea of the shopping lists is to provide you the best tested hardware components that work together - improvement recommendations are always welcome.

If the above mentioned OPTIONAL LCD screen is sold out you can also use these different vendors for the screen on Amazon:

How to Pi


How to Raspiblitz 1.8 on Raspberry Pi400 Keyboard PC

Buy $80-120ish




Raspiblitz 1.8 Image with on 16GB or larger microsd card

Insert microsd card into Raspberry Pi400

Follow Instructions & Enjoy.
Coming Soon How To Turn your 2+TB Mobile Phone into a Raspiblitz Node
Real Mobile Crypto Banking via crypto piggy INC.
How To Turn any old notebook, phone, tablet into your own crypto POS Point Of Sale Terminal.

If using a notebook find the cheapest chrome book you can find. Post your QR Code.

Set home page / display to your mobile wallet web wallet desktop wallet node wallet

Customers can now use their phones to pay you with crypto No Middlemen.

Fully Noded? You set the fees.

Select "THUB ThunderHub" in raspiblitz main menu.
Copy & Paste IP Of ThunderHub To Log In.
Create Lightning QR That expires in 115 Days.
Display QR Anywhere.
Accept crypto payments from anyone with a cell phone that participates in crypto.
Change QR Code Every 115 Days.



How to KODI (XBMC) media player on Raspberry Pi400 Keyboard PC


LibreELEC-RPi4.arm-10.0.0.img.gz with or on 16GB or larger microsd card


Insert microsd card into Raspberry Pi400
Buy Air Mouse / Remote $25ish

Enjoy. | | |


How to Kali Linux on Raspberry Pi400 Keyboard PC


Flash Image with on 16GB or larger microsd card


Insert microsd card into Raspberry Pi400



How to Linux Ubuntu on Raspberry Pi400 Keyboard PC


Flash Image with on 16GB or larger microsd card


Insert microsd card into Raspberry Pi400


How to Pi 5
Coming Soon $100ish

Raspberry Pi Key Board PC
Every home should have one.
Plug into any TV, Monitor, Projector... via HDMI
Wired mouse Included, Any wireless mouse, controller should work.

Turn it into a Bank, Media Center, PiHole, Retro Gaming Machine, Automation, Learn To Code, Browse The Internet...
Issa Computer.

Swap OSs(Operating Systems) Via Micro SD Card or Flash Drive
Customize, Back Up, Clone, Deploy. $20ish

Optional Wireless air mouse / Remote
Optimized for media players. $50

Optional TopNotchPi_OS 512GB MicroSD Card - Best Value $100

Optional TopNotchPi_OS 256GB MicroSD Card - $50

Optional Add On 256GB USB Flash Drive For Back Ups / Data Transfers - $50

Optional TopNotchPi_OS 128GB MicroSD Card - $40

Optional Add On 5TB USB External Hard Drive For Back Ups / Data Transfers - $200 $15ish

Optional 15ft HDMI Extension Cable


How To Windows 11 on Raspberry Pi400 Keyboard PC

To manually download WoR-flasher

git clone

To run WoR-flasher using the graphical interface


Use Linux to install to 32GB+ USB Flash Drive Or MicroSD Card

Insert into Raspberry Pi 400 Keyboard PC


SATA to USB C Adapter Cable

Crypto Accepted
pay any wallet qr code with your Wallet Of Satoshi App.


mobile wallet - web wallet - desktop wallet - node wallet


middlemen be gone

todays pigs are tomorrows bacon

to do
how2 page refinement

add demonstration of site features video to top of page



5 types of wealth 3 types of brains

1. self sustaining wealthy, house paid for , no car payment, bills paid years / generations in advance....

2. monthly, bills paid months in advance, 10-30K+ in credit lines, 1-10K cash / investments, own home, rent home, or mortgage....

3. weekly, monthly rent / living expenses $2000, weekly rent expenses $400-500 (pre pandemic 250-400)

4. daily or homeless, own cell phones, email address not much else.

5. state property, email address via 3rd party can be maintained, crypto jpay commissary

90% of the worlds population probably doesnt have access to $1000 cash.

90% of the world can micro-transact

a fully funded node with $500 can validate & confirm transactions to the blockchain up to $500.
I'd assume 90 % of the worlds population transactions are less than $500 and is enough to pay for a weekly, flight, room, ride, delivery....

a fully funded node with $30 can validate & confirm transactions to the blockchain up to $30.
You'll need a minimum $50 to cover the on chain transaction fee

risk level
$300 your own node with a $30 channel open ($250ish in parts to build raspiblitz + internet connection)

$800 your own node with $500ish channel open

Enough to confirm & validate 90+% of normal humans daily transactions.

you have the human right to control, access & share your money, the money YOU EARN with your sweat equity(blood,sweat,tears,time,labor...)

it should'nt require i.d.
it should'nt require a facial scan
it should'nt require a finger print
it should'nt require cell phone numbers
it should'nt require a phone number at all
it should'nt require your location
it should'nt require your name
it should'nt require your address
it should'nt require a monthly fee
it should'nt require a mailing address
it should'nt care what device you use
it should'nt care about your ip address
it should'nt care about what browser you use

it should care that you entered the correct password(s) to access it

Those with accounts/wallets with values over $1000 need the stalking & regulations....

Those doing $1000+ transactions on a daily basis need the stalking & regulations....

leave the rest of us micro transacting the fuck alone

these weirdos really want to be able to verify who bought a bag of cheetos at 4:03:51pm on 7-4-2015

it's stored on the block chain i'd be more concerned at the human moving thousands of dollars a day not the human wanting to tip their barber without a thousand evil parasites in the middle contributing nothing to humanity getting a fee

these weirdo stalkers who spend all day going thru, saving, and sorting the worlds dick pics are holding up progress, they are also extremly inneficient


then lightning baby


The only "app/website(s)" that need your location are maps, any other "app/website(s)" that require, log, or care about it are stranger weirdos stalking you on behalf of the government they bribe that allows them to operate above the law.

The only "app/website(s)" that need, log, care about... or require your phone number are stranger weirdos stalking you on behalf of the government they bribe that allows them to operate above the law.

The only "app/website(s)" that need, log, care about... or require your i p address are stranger weirdos stalking you on behalf of the government they bribe that allows them to operate above the law.

The only "app/website(s)" that need, log, care about... the device you use or log in from are stranger weirdos stalking you on behalf of the government they bribe that allows them to operate above the law.

The only humans who deserve your phone number are humans you can look in the eye and break bread with you in real life.
Everyone else is an evil stranger that's not paying you thinking your time is free trying to stalk your location so they can sell, share, or leak it to other weirdo strangers that care about your personal data that YOU OWN.

Not virtual bots that automatically or copy & paste lies, force you to train their "a.i" for free proving to robots you're not a robot by selecting fire hydrandts or crosswalks.....

Everyone else should get a phone number that never gets answered from a device that's never used.
T-Mobile offers a $15 a month 2.5GB plan for such siloed best practices as many "companies" don't even allow voip solutions.
For some reason lots of "companies" require a phone number or make it extremely difficult to remove a number.
Email for 2 factor authentication or sending "secret" log in codes is more secure and convenient for the consumer.
Phones are easily spoofed and not "secure" at all and for some reason the same "companies" are able to lie about such a fact and force consumers into insecure practices.
Yet the same "companies" offer no way to speak with a human without dealing withphone systems that force 5 minutes of robot nonsense, hours of holding, and automatic dissconnects, they even have the audacity to spam you from noreply email addresses.
FRAUD websites direct you to FRAUD chat bots that direct you to FRAUD phone "support" all designed to avoid providing actual human "support", at the same time expecting you to be available the second a human becomes available.
That human is paid to lie from a script and usually located thousands of miles away to avoid paying them legal wages.

THEY DO NOT PAY YOU. This is how evil, anti human parasites behave. Not ethically behaving companies.
You are forced to patronize these entities in 2021. So as they say buyer beware.

Any "company" that does'nt include micro sd cards / aux jacks is lying about how much they care about Earth or Humanity.

It's planned obsolescence, anti consumer, and evil. A phone from 2010 with a microsd card slot & removable battery can still be utilized the ones that don't are in land fills. A phone from 2007 with a microsd card can still be utilized.
The same can be said about non removable batteries but pretty sure 100% of phones with removable batteries no longer exist so you're forced to participate.

If visiting a website requires 3-100+ other "websites/companies" to track users, it's a website that supports weirdo evil stalker shit.
I visited your website not 100 other parasitic corporations.

Any "company" that get's you to subscribe to your porch is brilliant, evil but brilliant. You deserve the tech you buy.

Pizzas don't need tracking, they usually arrive in 30-60 minutes.

Pringles & TP don't need to be delivered directly to my bunghole via drones.

If you can't afford a car, you can't afford a chauffeur/private driver/taxicab daily, weekly, or monthly. Adults own cars. If not that's o/k/ life happens you still can't afford a chauffeur
These services are for emergencies, business travellers, or people who earn 75+K not humans that earn less than $20 an hour.

What kinda human gets fast food delivered? Do people really pay 5+ mcchickens(minimum tip 20 years ago) to get 1 delivered?
If you can't afford a personal shopper you can't afford a personal chef even if it's fast food, you can afford a warehouse club card.
Congrats food at cost not 1000% mark up.

Don't you know 1 other human, friend, family member, co worker, neighborhood occupant.... that owns a car that could use $10+ least as gas money?


Now get off my lawn, I'm rememberrying how to yell at clouds.

How many middlemen parasites does it take it change a light bulb?

How many people does a human need to rape & kill for billions in fines and no jail time?


Bank Of America, Chase, Citigroup, HSBC, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs,...are not legitimate banks they are organized crime.

Citizens are FORCED to bank with criminals.
Citizens are FORCED to patronize mobile phone carrires who are also criminals just to access their bank account(s) overseen by criminals.
This Is America.

Top 6 US Banks fined 110+ Billion Dollars
A partial list financial fraud:

Just Wells Fargo Last Decade

2010 August: Fined $203M for unfair & deceptive practices in overdraft fee lawsuit
2011 June: Fined $85 million for falsifying mortgage loan applications
2012 July: Fined $175M: race discrimination against black & Latino borrowers
2013 October: Settles mortgage bond claims for $335M with government
2014 September: Fined $5M for brokers insider trading
2014 October: Fined $5 million for discrimination against maternity clients
2014 December: fined $1.5 million for anti money laundering failures to comply
2015 July: Refund $30 million in mutual fund overcharges
2015 November: Fined $81.6 million for violating federal bankruptcy rules
2016 August: Fined $3.6M for cheating student loan borrowers
2016 September: Fined $185 Million for Opening Unauthorized Accounts
2016 September: Fined for improperly repossessing Military service members’ cars
2017 March: More Unauthorized accounts
2017 August: Lawsuit over overcharging small business retailers
2018 February: Investigated for discrimination against black & Latino borrowers
2018 April: $1 billion settlement for mortgage locks and auto-loan issues
2018 May: Fined $14 million: Altering business information without client knowledge
2018 May: Paid $480 million to settle securities-fraud lawsuit
2018 June: SEC fine for leading investors astray
2018 July: Refunds over unauthorized add-ons like pet insurance & legal services
2018 August: Paid $2.1 billion for its role in housing bubble
2018 August: Hundreds of houses foreclosed on due to computer glitch
2019 March: Fined $125M by SEC for fee-disclosure practices (with other LLCs
2020 February Fined $3 billion for fake accounts scandal
2020 February Fined $35 million- recommending risky investments to snr citizens & retirees



400 million folders each with a 9 digit number as a name (think a social security number) can fit on a less than $20 256GB micro sd card

If each of the folders needed to be encrypted and hold data say for example

social security number
full name
birth certificate date
height weight eye hair color
dna signature
gene code
blood type
finger print
iris scan
criminal history
credit report
work history
current employer
bank accounts held
trading accounts held
every known address
every known email
every known device & cell phone used
current cell phone
last known location
previous time gps stamped location data
license plate scanner data
photos of all physical mail received
social media accounts
current pictures
voice sample
flag to gather key strokes / activities / convos in real time
flag to save key strokes / activities / convos in real time for future review

a less than $100 5TB hard drive the size of a cassette tape could store it...

less than $300 if you want a ssd Solid State Drive with no moving parts...

there are $1000 usb flash drives / microsd cards available now if you have say a government budget.


TopNotchPi Accessories:

$99-120 Raspberry Pi 400 Keyboard PC

Optimized For Media

$20 Media Player Remote

Optimized For Gaming ($135ish gets all controllers)

$24 Wireless Vintage Gaming Genesis Controllers


$27 Wireless Vintage Gaming NES Controllers

$22 Wireless Vintage Gaming SNES Controllers

$50 Wireless Vintage Gaming Universal PC Controllers


$10 Micro USB Hub

TopNotchPi Extras

$13 Micro HDMI - HDMI 15ft extension cable


$25 256GB MicroSD Card
$25 256GB USB Flash Drive

$15 128GB MicroSD Card
$15 128GB USB Flash Drive


$30 32GB MicroSD Card 5 Pack

$30 32GB USB Flash Drive 10 Pack


$40 MicroSD Card Portable Speaker

$25 MicroSD Card / USB Flash Drive Portable Radio

$18 MicroSD Card Headphones

Optimized For Node

$100 1TB SSD

$100 5TB External Hard Drive


$60 512GB MicroSD Card

$55 512GB USB Flash Drive


$11 Micro SD Card - USB Adapter


$999 Micro SD Card USB Flash Driver Cloner. Image your custom OS, app, node, PROgram(s)..... deploy nationwide

Cash For Crypto

For Every $50 worth of SATS sent to mobile gets $60 Back via CASH PayPal Credit...... sample feeds you can customize & edit
how2split value block code to insert into your rss feed 1-100 split samples

"cloud" is marketing speak for someone elses computer.
If you OWN a puter you don't need someone elses puter

Coming Soon Hardware

2nd Gen Pi Keyboard

Pi5 Keyboard Plastic Only Snap Together Custom Case

3D Printable or Bulk $20 ish Dollars to get built

Node Optimized

Can Install 1 or 2 Pi 5s

Reversable Install
Ports Can Show Outside Or Inside Of Case

2 SSDs Can Be Hidden/Stored Inside

2 Power Holes So Cable Can Fit Thru When Snapped Together.

Dummy SD Slots & Compartments For Storage

Hole In Each Corner For Zip Tie Hanging.

Flat Sections On Back For Velcro Option.

Fan Slots Optimized / Case Acts As Heat Sink (Check Materials / Pricing)

Snaps Together All Plastic NO Supply Chain Issues Once Designed can't be more than $5 in plastic / materials.

Touch Screen Turn Key Mobile Node

Highest End Smartphone with 1TB SSD
2TB SSD $400 for Storage Alone
Ability To Plug SSD In?
Micro SD Card Slot Preferably 2, BacksUp Automatically to 2nd Slot
ON Board SSD Backs Up To External?
Ethernet Adapter $20 Or Built In If Thick Like That? Plugs Into Router.
If Thick Like That Add USB Slot For Back Up?

Hardened No Wifi, Blue Tooth, Cell Radio, GPS, Sensors, Cameras, Microphones Needed...

1. Wipe OS
2. Insert Raspiblitz Image on MicroSD Card For Mobile Device
3. Turns Mobile Phone Into Touch Screen Node

$700-800 Device Just To Build in 2022
Node In Every Home
Bank In Every Home
Moto G Power Or Similar Raspiblitz os?


Sparkkiosk (Create and print LNURL QRs 4 store kiosk cafe...) #pricetag #QRgenerator sell products get bitcoin direct to your node


Agora (Sell your files for Bitcoin) 25/8 auto transacting record label in your closet direct payments per track via lightning, ascap bmi = extinct


Sovereign! No human, corporation, or government... has dominion over what you earn. Who you do business with is YOUR business. No banking hours, Can't be frozen or re-allocated....

#MGGA Make Guillotines Great Again & Let Them Eat Poisoned Cake


how2 self host a bitcoin record label in 30 seconds demos:

http://oey7ak6dta6pc2tgqi3thc43qtzpktdemscwzgzspjgd6ujutxggt3ad.onion/files/xxx/ onlyfansnomiddleman

requires or tie to any domain name you own for public internet


# whether or not to charge for files
paid: true
# price for files in satoshis
base-price: 420 sat

free trial code
# whether or not to charge for files
paid: false
# price for files in satoshis
base-price: null